/Our Trust Board

Our Trust Board

Our founding Trustees are a committed, dedicated, and caring members in our communities. If you are interested in joining our dedicated team we are looking for another couple of trustees especially if you have a professional background that you are willing to share and contribute to our community.

Tracey Wallace-Hutchins; is the Trust founder, self-employed local business operator, entrepreneur and committed to social justice. An advocate with 26 years experience in the health and disability sector. Tracey has campaigned on a number of social issues, last June 2016 she appeared on Seven Sharp encouraging others to send an extra lunchbox to schools to feed a hungry child. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/while-its-good-idea-wont-fix-problem-readers-laud-hero-te-puke-mum-making-lunches-hungry-school-kids. Concerned that there is growing and unmet needs she is again leading the charge to create innovative and sustainable solutions to create long term solutions for our most vulnerable.

Wallace Watson; is a 26 year old Te Puke resident, working full time in the local kiwifruit industry. Has an understanding and advocates for youth especially neuro-diversity. Wallace is proud of having ASD/ADHD himself being diagnosed at a young age. He has experienced and struggled at times dealing with negative impact of a range of social issues; especially bullying, social rejection, depression. The difficulties associated with living with a label, understanding and communicating in a diverse world, finding secure stable employment and affordable and sustainable housing. Most recently, he has found a Medi-evil re-enactment social group called the ‘Northern Horde” who meet weekly locally to train, using tools, weapons and protective attire generally made by ones’ hand. He is also interested in collaborating with others who also committed to creating strengthening connections and support for youth with Dungeons & Dragons & similar groups.

Les Hart, is a Te Puke Resident, who has been a service user for most of his life, growing up from a young age in the Social Welfare Fastercare system. Les is a strong advocate for social justice and has an invaluable understanding and insight for those who may struggle living in breaking the poverty cycle. He is married, and is committed to working in the community, loves helping young and old alike. Caring for his community he has undertaken roles like volunteering for the local Police Hub and Maori Warden. Les looks forward to seeing a safe community where families young and old can feel safe and supported.