/One Mum’s crusade – winner among hundreds of contenders Nationally – AMI Community Grant voting opens

One Mum’s crusade – winner among hundreds of contenders Nationally – AMI Community Grant voting opens

Votes are open – make yours count

Fighting the war against poverty – Who remember’s the Seven Sharp show (above link) in 2016, where Michael Holland interviewed a Mum from Te Puke, apparently it was one of the highest rating stories for Seven Sharp. This Mum simply started making an extra lunchbox and sent it with her son, for a hungry child at school, in a re-usable Ice Cream container,”simply stupid” she called it –  well it took off –  inspiring many around the country to just get out an ‘do it’ heralding a rise in community led programs to tackle poverty and homelessness throughout the entire country.  Well HELLO – she’s back, (well never really left) now has created a Trust and in the running ONE of FIVE in the Nation for AMI Community Grant… with a range of “Simply Splendid” projects but needs people to VOTE on Neighbourly .co.nz… Can you help – While we may feel like winners already we still need more public votes –  voting is open. 

Matariki Stars Community Charitable Trust’s first project is to establish a parents co-working space with supervised playroom and business support network, in Bay of Plenty. Our aim / vision is to lift working poor out of poverty, to inspire, connect and build more sustainable and resilient communities to grow and flourish. The property has already been secured, re-purposing a backpackers property. We are actively connecting to existing social and business services, and identifying where and how we can help add value along the way with targeted workshops and connections.

The aim is to help increase financial literacy, economic and social well-being for every day Mums and Dads who are dreamers, self starters; entrepreneurs / in work and/or in study, working from home struggling with day to day work/life problems, demands, balance, sustainability and loneliness.

These projects are about promoting practical, positive mental health activities while building strong and sustainable economic futures. 

Our business and family lives are often inescapable. We know that it takes a community to raise a child; therefore we desperately need strong parents and families, as much as we need strong healthy businesses that allow us all to grow strong and resilient communities.  One of the projects proposed is a series of HERE I CARE  = HAIR CARE workshops for Dads and daughters ‘hair up – hair care’ workshops and a concurrent  Tane & Tamariki ‘hair care n cut’ series of workshops, intended to offer usable and transferable skills while connecting and building bonds, stronger relationships and community connections as a platform for strengthening mental health, fitness and well-being. We are partnering with local celebrities like Barter Barber Sam Dowdall: Cutting hair, talking about suicide.

Bronwyn Bay’s “Share your Space initiative” Dunedin Co-working space for Mums

We are not alone – Another project is a series of regular ‘courage coffee meet-ups’ and ‘share your gold type meet-ups’ where business operators can meet, share, and offer support to each other creating collaborative safe communities to share our skills and discuss solutions to struggles experienced in our ever changing business and social environments. Inspired by and partnering with other like-minded entrepreneurs throughout the country including celebrities like Bronwyn Bay, Blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Mum of Dunedin, who is currently trialing a Co-working space for other Mums

Building sustainable futures and affordable housing is possible – another project planned is to use a property / workshop we already have, (image below) to create a Co-shared Community Workshop to help DIY tiny home builders to build their own home. There are a number of similar projects happening around the country, one currently on Waiheke Island. These projects help achieve genuine community collaboration and create real homes for those who feel that living ‘tiny’ fits for them. We are looking for community support like building suppliers and building sites who are prepared to save good usable material from landfills just because their job is done. A couple of sheets of ply, roofing, piping, flooring, few hours of sharing skills in a workshop etc could be just enough for the outfitting of a tiny home for a household in need. 

While we already feel like winners – we need more votes. This is the voting link; https://www.neighbourly.co.nz/message/view/41623386

Listed as # 5 we have great plans… for 2018 so please help us to lift everyday people out of poverty and into secure homes… You or your team can also email me on growinenterprizes@gmail.com or phone 021520539 kind regards Tracey Wallace-Hutchins