/Hello world from Matariki Stars!

Hello world from Matariki Stars!

Matariki Stars ~ is all about you!

Ratonga Tanga Manawa

(to rest ones heart / to make possible)

We aim to; help eliminate poverty ~ house, empower, grow ~ create collaborative & non-violent communities.

We aim to help people from all walks of life across the lifespan – who need help, the ultimate goal is to eliminate violence and poverty. Our highest priority is to ease the effects of homelessness, to care and protect our most vulnerable; those in unsafe and unsanitary living situations, those at high risk of poor outcomes.  Of particular concern include our young people 8 – 25 years, our displaced, and marginalized community members who are at greatest risk of under-achieving and failing to thrive.

We will be working together to help find long term, sustainable, targeted individualized plans. To help move individuals and or families to be a stronger and more economically sustainable household. To be accepted, respected and strengthened to move forward in life to grow, and achieve a sustainable lifestyle you and your family desire.

Our first message is to you – our most valued and precious gift, trying to do the best you can with the resources you have, maybe right now you are on struggle street – or just struggling to get by. You are not alone – we have a few ways that we can help.

Welcome to our brand new website, please be patient as we build it.  We are a new emerging service provider and are in transition ourselves, working on the systems and organisational set up. We are planning to be available to help a number of people who are struggling right now with the housing crisis.

The First order of business is to apply for central government funding. We are doing exactly that –  are currently responding to an Invitation to Partner with Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to provide Emergency & Transitional Housing and Social Services, and hope to be the first provider of this kind in Western Bay of Plenty.

There are a lot of passionate people and services already working in the communities near you, we hope to add wealth of information and resources; toolkit of contacts, partners and services that can help you right now.

We value your support and will have opportunities for donations, can give as much or as little as able. Rest assured any funds will be channeled into worthwhile projects that will help the community. We will also be building opportunities for people who want to contribute in a variety of ways; sharing ideas, food, clothing, clean usable housing goods, support, training, workshops, including voluntary and paid work opportunities. One of our first, and immediate area of business development is to establish Emergency and Transitional housing options in Te Puke.

We are collaborating with the community and partnering with EmpowermentNZ and are planning a number of projects, first in establishing;

  •  a ‘Nightshelter’ for those in need (for individual men and women) and otherwise living under the stars this will be a CBD location.
  • Emergency and Transitional Housing” options (and Support Services) located within walking distance from Te Puke CBD. We are planning to provide accommodation for 5 – 7 households, include children, we are also hoping to provide for an additional 4 – 6 individuals men and 4 – 6 women (without children) who will must first qualify under our ‘co-housing safe as’ policy. These people will need to be on the ‘social housing register’ and will need to have a housing assessment.

Unfortunately this ‘assessment’ is the process, but please contact us so we can arrange for someone to support you through this process and help access the best and most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Accessing services is a huge problem for many, but please do not give up! We are establishing supportive networks of support, a collective of volunteers who may have experienced their own form of ‘struggle street’ in the past and may want to help others get through the rough. Who knows maybe when you get through this period in your life you may feel like helping another.

We have loads of ‘ideas & projects’ in our minds so many ways that we can help another, maybe in helping a family to build their own home maybe in providing opportunities to help keep idle hands busy and gaining skills, increasing ones view about themselves, and strengthen their opinions about being better able to grow strong children, youth, individuals, families and communities to not just survive but to THRIVE!

The Matariki – Community Charitable Trust, is being set-up, we have a Trust Deed, a Trust Board, made up of community members all currently Te Puke residents; Tracey Wallace-Hutchins, Wallace Watson and Les Hart. (We are looking for another couple of trustees with professional backgrounds if anyone is interested welcome to contact Tracey). In the meantime we are planning to ‘register the charitable trust’ many more projects are in the pipeline.

Why Matariki Stars?

The two meanings of Matariki both refer to stars: mata ariki (eyes of god) and mata riki (little eyes).

  • The reappearance of Matariki stars*, in late May or early June, signals the beginning of the Māori New Year. …  The end of the old, and beginning of the fresh New year. Heralding time for a bountiful new harvest, the letting go of old unproductive ways, give thanks and share in the bountiful harvest…   (*according to most, but not all, Maori to be seven stars, although academics now believe there are actually nine stars not just seven as previously believed.